In addition to this website showcasing my work. You can download my resumé here.

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Hey! I’m Steve, I enjoy baking, exercise and board games. I recently graduated with a 2:1 in Geography and I also have a passion for business. I’m looking to innovate, learn, develop and grow as well as contribute my skillset to a company or charity where I can make a difference. This is my portfolio… a guide to the various wide-ranging projects I’ve been involved with and initiated.¬†


  • Creative, entrepreneurial and hard-working.
  • Confident in using and learning specialised software.
  • Experienced in social media management.
  • Enthusiastic to use, develop and learn creative skills.
  • Passionate about design and business.
  • Able to work on own initiative and as part of a team.


  • Board Game Bucket | Community Site + Marketplace | Business
  • 2:1 BA Geography | Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Egg Farmer: The Card Game | Kickstarter Campaign
  • Logo and Web Design | Freelance Projects


Brand designer

I’ve been crafting logos and branding for over 3 years now, tailoring my designs to the needs of a variety of clients. I’ve started and experimented with multiple projects of my own design, including an e-commerce store selling mugs, a shop for nursery art prints, niche web designs, a marketplace for starter stores and domains.

Product maker

One of my notable projects was creating a card game from scratch. From concept to completion; first sketch through to testing and production; producing Egg Farmer was a big learning curve into launching a product, as well as building an audience to promote my Kickstarter campaign and was thoroughly enjoyable.


Content Creator

I have experience in creating content online and offline, which engages, promotes, informs and performs. I have used Facebook Business and Ad Manager, Google, SEO content, blogs and social media across my businesses and projects as well as brochures and leaflets for my local church.

Audience builder

Marketing has been something I’ve tackled through creating brands and building websites from the ground up. My largest project to-date, a community/directory site for board games, has involved all sorts of work, from connecting with publishers and bloggers, to building a Facebook group and social media audiences. Facebook groups are a great way to increase engagement particularly for a hobby-focused enterprise. It has been a rewarding journey as it continues to grow.


Product manager

I love to oversee the building of a product, from concept to completion. This has lead to the aspiration of being a product manager as well as interlinking roles. I also have experience designing and maintaining a web platform which connects board gamers, board game publishers and content creators.


One of the things I’ve set out to do is build things, things which make a difference. I would love to work on a social enterprise or innovate within a charity or startup setting. It takes experience not only in skillset, but also in context to build something truly successful. Did I mention, I’m a learner… I love to learn new skills and would love to contribute to and grow something purposeful.